Contract Negotiation

At Sports Minded contract negotiation is a professional skill and not one limited to the AFL industry.

Therefore, we take a (rounded) approach and have built a team around the manger to ensure we are as well-equipped as we can be to negotiate your contracts.

We believe adding data analytics and professional negotiation experience to your negotiation team, means Sports Minded athletes are the best represented in the industry.


Media is now a major part of the AFL landscape. At Sports Minded our athletes have access to professional media training with experienced journalists, to help ensure our players feel as comfortable as possible in front of a microphone.

Our media connections also provide our players with fantastic opportunities to build their profile and earning capacity throughout their career.


At sports minded we offer a unique mentoring program aimed at providing our players with the tools to help them deal with the high-pressure demands of elite sport. Our program helps educate players on building resilience, managing stress and maintaining focus.

The program evolved from international best practice research and is aimed at ensuring our players develop their mind and their body to ensure they become the best footballers they can be. In every sport around the world the best players are the ones who are happy and having fun.We want to work with our players to ensure they have the best chance to do exactly that.

Professional Services

Sports Minded provides our players with a suite of services to help them through their career. We work with accounting, finance and legal professionals to give our players access to industry leading advice and opportunities.

We work with our players to educate them on how to maximise their earning potential, whilst also managing their finances to help secure their future. We assist our players with all off field matters including tax, investment planning, budgeting, debt and asset management and share portfolios.


Our professional consultants help you to build your brand and we can begin working with you on your branding opportunities from the moment you sign.

We work closely with our players to ensure endorsement and sponsorship opportunities align with what matters to them. We believe genuine branding is more financially beneficial than simple short-term gains.